These Social Media Tactics Can Promote Your Restaurant Better

How many of you think running a business successfully is possible without marketing it on different platforms? Well, earlier, marketing may not be seen as one of the basic necessity but now, it is an eminent factor.

With every passing year, the marketing world has changed its protocol & platforms. It started from pamphlets and now has reached multiple social media channels. For those, who are starting or running their already established restaurants or any other business in this era are lucky to have the internet in their lives.

The Internet is the perfect gateway to allure your targeted audience & let them know about your business even if they’re not even in your targeted location. While searching, you may get to know about countless ways how digital marketing can radically boost your business, but pay attention, not every tactic is made for your business type or scale.

For instance, if you’re running a restaurant or your newbie food corner, then we’ve got you some really effective social media tactics that you may not find anywhere else. So, let’s quickly go through these social media tricks.

Upload videos – When your chefs are cooking or garnishing the food, click pictures or make a video. These videos are the best way to showcase yourself as genuine and to lure your audience’s attention. Or in case you’ve just started your restaurant then make a video of the entire ambiance of your place & post it on social media. It really works!


Ask questions online – Let people get interested in food & your recipes. Ask random questions on different communities or groups followed or created by you. For instance- ask ‘which is the best restaurant equipment in Sydney that can help with doing dishes much faster?’ these questions will help you connect with your audience rapidly.


Run contests – Post pictures or videos, not just related to your restaurant but to anything relevant to food and then after 1-2 weeks, ask questions about the posted videos to run an interesting contest online. Offering discounted vouchers or free meals to the contest winner can help you even more. Try your hand at it.


Let your staff be in the limelight – Not just the ambiance or recipes but letting people know about your staff members is also necessary. Decide a unique dress code for your staff and then post their pictures, it will help you create your own identity on the social media.


Comment & share other food related posts – Sharing your own videos or pictures is not enough. You need to indulge with other food communities or foodies. Talk to people, comment on their posts. It’ll showcase you as a genuine user & therefore is beneficial for your social media promotions.


Hope you may find these tactics easier & effective. And if not, then give it a try at least once. Uploading a video or asking food related questions via your social media accounts won’t cost you anything.

Be creative! Be progressive!