Reasons to Never Buy Facebook Likes

A fake thing doesn’t last for long. To witness long-lasting results, organic methods are always better & safe, especially when it comes to digital marketing. At present, to seek more from the digital marketing perspective, social media channels are treated as one major resource to grasp a high number of targeted audiences.

Among all the social media platforms, Facebook is considered to be one of the highly recommended & result-orienting networks in terms of reaching out to the audience. And to reap more benefits & results from it, some newbies buy Facebook likes which are of course completely fake.

At first, you might feel good about receiving so many likes through fake IDs but eventually, it’ll land you in any trouble for sure. And what can be those troubles? Well, let’s check that out-

  1. Forget organic searches & likes – Once you’ve hopped on to gaining fake or duplicate likes, you should no longer expect any genuine likes or searches for your selected keyword or business name. And the reason is, bought likes consumes the space & automatically converts your ID into a spam one.


  1. Bad post engagement – When you get fake likes for your posts, it automatically starts hiding your posts from genuine Facebook newsfeed. And this gradually decreases the number of viewers for your Facebook page feeds. You may not see immediate results, but with every passing day, there’ll be no one to see your posts and then all you’ll have is fake likes which are merely an illusion.


  1. Low EDGEMARK – This is more of a score that every facebook page earns. It is completely based on the posts engagement, a number of likes on the page & every post and viewers interaction on daily basis. And maintaining this all with your purchased likes is not really possible. Apparently, you’ll have a low EDGEMARK soon & your Facebook page will be of no use within months.


  1. No followers – People often avoid visiting pages where no one has already liked the page or started a conversation. When viewers will start leaving your page within seconds, again this will damage your online Facebook page reputation by declining its actual bounce rate. And within a short time, you may even witness its impact over your business website as well.


  1. Waste of money – Buying duplicate likes is not an easy task. You have to spend loads of money for buying them. And in some cases, those likes remain for a short time duration only leaving your Facebook page in a bad or spam condition. Due to these reasons, It is acknowledged as a waste of money activity only.


  1. No lead generation – When you aren’t even allowed to have genuine viewers for your Facebook posts, then thinking about leads through Facebook page is just a waste of time. Such spam activities only ruin your content quality & end up taking you nowhere.


The final note-

Facebook fake searches and likes don’t show long-lasting results. The number may look good to see but can ruin your online reputation as well as can turn your online business Facebook page a spam. And to avoid such uncertainties, obtain methods which can bring you organic likes or search results. See the top social media in your area: Minneapolis