Use These 5 Kickass Instagram Marketing Strategies For Your Plumbing Company

The aura of internet marketing is outspreading day by day. Be it the strategies or online platforms, digital marketing is giving us countless opportunities to introduce our business in every nook & cranny of the internet. And somehow it is helping us reap more and more leverages out of it.

To accompany social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has come & it’s making everyone go gaga over it. Just like any other social media network, it gives you the liberty of sharing your pictures, following anyone you want. But rare people see Instagram as an option to promote their online business.

Let’s check out what can be done to publicize and reveal the pepperizing facts about your business through this wonderful online platform- Instagram aka Insta.

Before we go further to unravel the profits of using Insta, let’s suppose what if you own your own plumbing company & wants to promote it online via Instagram. Apart from a plumbing business, you can assume any other business as well.

Let’s get started.

  1. The power of hashtags – This has become more of a trend now. Posting hashtag stories at least thrice a day has become a compulsion more like having your necessary 3 meals of the day. The hashtag is basically a way of exposing your genuine keywords which are relevant to the post. Suppose you’re talking about your team of plumbers from Newtown, so you can use it in your hashtags such as- #best #plumbers #Newtown. Just keep in mind to be creative.

  1. Search your target audience – Insta is all about following and ask people to follow you back. Hunt for people who may need a plumber’s assistance or are somehow in the same stream. This will help you get in touch with your targeted audience easily & build a trust factor as well.


  1. Follow! Follow! Follow – Before expecting someone to follow you, it’s important that you start following people who may soon turn into your targeted audience. Look who likes your posts & send them invitations. This is one of the best result oriented strategies that is often used by many reputed business branding agencies to seek the attention of common people.


  1. Go gaga with the bandwagon – Follow the trend! Analyze what people prefer & what they love to see. Be a little bit creative & come up with something new which may excite your viewers to associate with your name.


  1. Insta & emails – This is more of a successful duo that may bring you a lot of leads. Insta followers and email marketing go hand in hand. Whosoever is following you just start sending them informative emails about your business & occasional offers to grasp their attention.



Introducing your business on multiple online platforms may lure you a lot of attention but when it’s performed in a desired manner, only then you’re able to reap benefits out of it. Come up with innovative strategies that are never heard or seen before. Apart from this, make sure to sound genuine in front of your targeted audience, this is the best thing you could do to your business promotions.