Why Has The Vegan Trend Grown So Fast on Social Media?

A month back, Lewis Hamilton, a veteran F1 racer, announced becoming a vegan, and now see he is the 2017 F1 title holder. Though many will say how his diet and success on the track are interlinked, many successful athletics around the globe have opted for a vegan lifestyle to bolster their health. The English Institute of Sport, the unit working in the backdrop for  Great Britain’s most sports teams believe veganism come with a variety of health benefits, both physiologically and mentally.

These days, being a vegan trend is like a warrior of the mankind, you probably would have come across many tweets and facebook posts, prmopting you to adopt a vegan diet. The number is soaring significantly, from 150,000 in the United Kingdom living on a plant-based diet  542,000, as per the recent data, so an increase of about 350%. And, these figures are even more massive for teenagers, who are switching from meat processors to commercial food processors  against the wishes of their parents. The Guardian, a famous newspaper of the UK,  surveyed 474 vegan people and 67% out of them were the age group of 34. What’s ironic, flocks as young as 14 were quitting meat and dairy intake, owing, thanks to the influence of social media have our youth. And, many of them are learning the art of vegetable preparations and buying  commercial rice cookers Sydney. 

The Reason for the Change of Heart 

There appear to a number of reasons why the vegan trend has grown so fast on social media. One is the end of the common belief of people that veganism means ending a tasty relationship with both dairy and meat products, nowadays, people vegan diet can be both healthy and scrumptious to follow for the lifetime.

A recent survey reported a change in the mindset where 13% of flocks associated vegan with cleaner ingredients. For 125 being vegan means a big boost to their weight lose pursuit, 11% say associate veganism with environmental responsibility. And lastly, 8% think it good for the society we breathe in.

For Your Good Health 

Today, people have become aware of the fact that by saying no to meat and dairy products, is not just saving animals from exploitation, but also for one’s good health. Plants and fruit-based diet plan come with a complete array of perks, first being, it improves the energy levels in the body, younger and fairer looking skin, seamless brawl movement. However, it is crucial that natural produce is evenly cooked in a combi oven. There are several proven health benefits for vegan living in contrast o conventional western diet. 

For the Environment You Live in

Right from recycling rubbish stuff, nixing the use of plastic bags at shopping malls, to greener means of transportation, human being slowly, but gradually love for the environment they live in. So, by not following a meat and dairy enrich diet don’t add to the massively in carbon footprint.

Fron the above, you must have come to know why a vegan diet is such a hot trend on the social media. However, don’t follow others, if you think, its good for you, then only adopt a vegan lifestyle.