Top 5 Instagram Accounts From Fashion Models to Follow

You can’t deny the fact that social media is all over our mind throughout the day. No matter it’s about your precious wedding ring or a nostalgic meeting with your childhood friend, at present, people prefer to upload everything on the social media. Now, somehow this is enough to let people know about the rising fever of social media.

This social stream started with Facebook and now we have countless options to connect with people or entertain us which includes- Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. Among these all, generally social media addicted people are seen preferring either Twitter or Instagram. This is because, at present, most of the celebrities or renowned personalities consider it their first preference in order to share their personal updates. And just to feel more connected to their favorite celebrities, people prefer to go for these social media platforms the most.

Just like millions other, if you are also passionate about sneaking into the life of your favorite celebs then prefer Instagram where you may get to know more about them. Of course, the purpose of being on the social media platforms is not just to follow celebrities but to get all the updates of the present world.

For instance- if you are a fashion lover and want to know about the trending designs of Kaftans available online then following relevant communities or accountants can help you create a lot of difference in many ways. It can enrich you with the right knowledge of dressing up yourself or following the right trend. You can get more information from local online marketing company such as

To do so, all you need is to follow some trending models or fashion bloggers who can let you know about the rising mania of the dress designing. All these factors can make you a better fashion designer or a swanky chick who is all set to change the bandwagon.

Here are a few of the suggestions which are best if you want to enrich yourself with the minute details of the fashion world.

These are the highly followed fashion models on Instagram who are almost stealing the attention of every fashion lover out there. Check out this list and yes don’t forget to follow-

  1. Emily Ratajkowski – Having 16.5 million followers, she is considered to be the most popular fashion model, actress, and activist on Instagram.


  1. Chiara Ferragni – Around 11.7 million of people on Instagram are following this beautiful model who is quite open to sharing her updates.


  1. Hailey Baldwin – 11.1 Million followers have made her one of the highly preferred or followed celebrity of Instagram in no time.


  1. Adriana Lima – Having 11.6 million followers, Adriana is quite popular among young lads.


  1. Miranda Kerr – Being a proud founder of KORA Organics, Miranda has 11.6 million of followers.

The final word-

The trends of the fashion world can never to an end. Right from the hair-do to a swanky dress, any attractive piece of one’s personality is enough to drive the internet crazy in no time. This has somehow increased the mania of following celebrities on different social media accounts & one of them is Instagram which is earning a lot of recognition at present. And all these factors make it an apt platform to be followed or get engaged with.