How to Promote on Your Life Coaching Business Over Social Media Channels?

In the last half a decade, social media networks have seen a radical transformation from being tools of entertainment to dynamic marketing weapons.

Today, just about every business-, regardless whether it is trading online or having a physical outlet-is investing in social media campaigns to foster leads and sales.

Did you know the Instagram’s active advertisers have skyrocketed from 200,000 in 2016 to approx 1 million in 2017? And while all this other social channels such as the Facebook, Twitter, were not slackening in the quest to become top marketing ammunition for the businesses.

Role of Social Media in Promoting Your Life Coaching Business

In this digital era, marketing yourself as a qualified life coaching specialist is a true value for the investment. As, today, social media platforms have the potential to make anyone a household name in a matter of few hours. What’s most remarkable about the world of social media, as a business you have the freedom or the power to target an audience (or a particular category). All you have to do is create a company page, be active-post perks about your service or product, share, like & comment posts, and respond to customer messages. Here, you have luxury whether to go for paid approach to promote your business or keep the patience and what for healthy results.

How to Promote a Life Coaching Business via Social Media?

Strategise Your Social Media Plans

Before you take a dive into the world of social marketing, you need to be very clear with your motive of engaging with your potential customers via social channels. Like, you are a life coach, and you aim to make some good connections with the business people, then platform like LinkedIn is great. If you wish to sell your expertise, it is better to bid on the Facebook network and run paid campaigns.

Sign-Up for Social Media

Now, once you clear on your objective, it’s time to create a business profile. When doing so, make sure you put no fallacy gubbins about the company and educational requirements, only genuine stuff. And, the profile description should be such it convey your business message to your prospective clients.

Find Social Media Company

No matter what the internet, the so-called veteran bloggers has to say on this, social media marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. This work, unlike website coding or writing, seems easy, but hard to leverage results without in-depth knowledge and prior experience.

Find Friends & Followers

Well, your social media manager will take care of all the stuff related to social media promotion, but it is no brainer to put in your efforts to achieve quick results. Finding friends & followers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google is all easy, and you can do even while on the way to home.


Yes, social media marketing is the future of the business world, but, conventional channels of promotion cannot be forgotten. Thus, you require maintaining a fine balance for both.

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