How to Promote a Crepe Shop on Social Media?

Social media is way much more than just uploading candid pictures or sharing happy events of your life. It has got the potential of taking an ordinary business to the skyrocketing heights of success. There is no doubt, to experience the same, one needs to possess the right marketing skills.

Whether it is a garage business or your brand new crepe shop, any product, service or business can be promoted online via social media, it all depends on how you handle and pursue it. In the present time, French Kiss Creperie Store is considered as one of the most popular and highly preferred crepe shops in Australia. And the reason behind it is quality, unique crepes, usage of right crepe makers and fruitful marketing on social media.

Those who are new to this business might not be familiar with the leverages of being on social media. And for those, here are a few marketing hacks that can enrich your marketing knowledge and can help you showcase your business aptly on the social media networks.

  1. Come up with enticing social media titles – If you won’t sound unique, nobody is going to remember you for long. Entitle your Facebook page or Twitter Handle with a relevant yet enticing title that can catch all the attention of every viewer. This is the best thing to start with.


  1. Upload genuine pictures & videos – People would love to hear from you as you are. Like many others, do not upload pictures selected from Google and click the real ones because that’s what creates the real difference. Upload pictures of your staff members using commercial crepe machines to look even more professional.


  1. Be a part of communities – The social media channels are flooded with millions of food communities. Join them and you’ll get to know about a long string of foodies who look for new food hubs.


  1. Share to get shared – In order to get your posts shared, make sure that you initiate first and start sharing others pictures or relevant posts.


  1. Take help of Facebook ads – It is a vital part of social media marketing, marketing digital. Ask your digital marketer to run a Facebook Ad campaign for your official website.


  1. Let it be entertaining – Upload some candid videos with your staff members. Such videos need not be perfect always, a bit of laughter, the behind-the-scenes vision of your kitchen can let your customers trust you even more.


  1. Ask frequent feedbacks or food reviews – Whenever any of your customers are about to leave, make sure to let them write a few precious words of feedback for your restaurant food or services and then upload it on the social media. It’s best to sound genuine and real.


The bottom line-

Adopting all these marketing strategies become easier and much more fruitful when you let a skilled digital marketer perform it for your website. Though, it isn’t any rocket science still, a digital marketer implements a set of techniques to create a difference.