How to Promote Zakat Al Fitr for a Muslim Non Profit Organization on Social Media?

The term “Fitr” in “Zakat Al Fitr” is an Arabic which means breaking the fast similar to what “Futoor” means. Zakat al-Fitr is a form of charity done during the holy month of Ramadan, upon breaking the fast. As per the religious norms of Sunnah community, this charity is a duty (Wajib in Urdu-means required) every true Muslim has to adhere, irrespective of sex and age.

It is believed that God, Islamic Prophet Muhammad has made the Zakat Al Fitr custom compulsory to be done for old Muslim people, the female, freeman male, young, and celebrate the auspicious occasion of Ramadan giving. This charity also includes offering money to not for profit NGOs. Are you in pursuit of fostering people to perform Zakat Al Fitr and help your NGO run efficiently? Here, we’ve compiled a set of proven tips to run campaigns for your charity and raise funds for the good cause tremendously. So, read till the end and implement to help more:

  •  Boost Engagement with Images 

No matter how good your one-liner is, an individual action on a specific post solely spends upon the image and message it is conniving. So, pay great emphasis on the images published in the post, here you can avail the services of professional graphic designers for better results. On the other hand, there are several image creation tools and software, which can create stunning images that convert.

  • Engage With Your Audience

Another effective marketing plan tip for promoting the Zakat Al Fitr is to stay engaged with your customer. Monitor your social media channels to leave no stone unturned to reach out to your supporters. Drop a thank you message those who every follow you on Twitter account, reply on every like and comment on your Facebook post.

  • Tell Your story

Nothing is more convincing than penning a story about your charity and what have to done to improve the lives of people, share it over social media platforms. Show them how their small donation can add value to someone’s life. This is definitely a masterstroke in raising funds during the Ramadan month.

  • Create Unique Hashtag

Well, Hashtag is a powerful tool to troll somebody but when used for a noble cause can work efficiently for fundraising campaigns. Create an exclusive hashtag like the #giveforZakat Al Fitr and spread it over all popular social media channels. This is because, if your possible donors see your posts on many social media channels with the same hashtag, it makes him or she feels it is run by a big charity. One thing to note in here, do a thorough research that your selected hashtag is not chosen by any other charity and is completely unique.

Final Thought

The above highlights tips are just a handful of social media hacks to increase fundraising potential for your charity, there are many more, Leverage Facebook’s fundraising tools, tap your biggest fans, don’t always be asking, to name a few.