How McDonald’s Use Social Media?

Name a toddler you know who doesn’t love hopping on to the yummilicious and highly addictive McDonald’s steaming burgers and fries. Not just kids, even aged people are completely head over heels with this brand name.

Its mania can be judged through its number of outlets running throughout the world. Be it a plush society or a crowded market area, McDonald’s outlets are something which is easily available in any corner of the cities. Eventually, this has made McDonald’s already a brand name. On top of this, their string of beverages is hard to resist. Else than this, their equipment usage has somehow fastened the commercial deep fryer business in Sydney (shop fit out and cooking supplies). And this ultimately proves it to be a renowned global brand which doesn’t need any recognition.

Why are people in love with McDonald’s?

When it comes to lip-smacking beverages, it’s hard to think of anything else than McDonald’s. For a foodie, what can be better than having a cheeseburger within $2 and a complete meal in just $4 only? (These prices are an approximate figure and not the exact ones. It may fluctuate according to the present time).

The secret behind proffering the entire world with luscious burgers and tempting fries is unique cooking technique and a perfect blend of spices. Now, of course, the McDonald’s professionals don’t reveal the ingredients and recipes and keep it a hush-hush affair. But yes, you can unfold a lot about their working criteria through the internet.

In case, like million others, you are McDonald’s fan and always wish to be stay updated with their new updates then nothing would be better than following their official page on different social media platforms including- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Presently, among all, Instagram is the trending hot shot in the digital marketing town.

How McDonald’s runs a successful social media campaign?

Just like McDonald’s, almost every business run their social media promotions with a unique marketing strategy. The only similarity is the use of platforms. Here is how McDonald’s take maximum leverages out of social media networks.

  1. New arrivals – Whenever McDonald’s is about to launch a new beverage, they share it first on social media to let people have an idea of the new eatable product soon to be available in the market.
  2. Updates – Just like the stock market, the McDonald’s eatable prices fluctuate which are usually updated on the social media to lure more and more people.
  3. Offers – This is what every foodie looks for. Interesting meal packages or discounted offers are frequently posted, so to compel people and try the same.
  4. Contests – To keep the audience engaged, you’ll often get to see interesting contests offering discounted or free meals to the winners.

The final word-

Being up to the mark with the marketing strategies and standards can be a daunting task but only when you do not know how to use social media for the same. If you cannot come up with any productive marketing plan then play it smart and start following an already established business name. for such purposes, McDonald’s can be a good source.